Fighting Crimes Against Humanity and Seeking Justice
for the Victims of Atrocity Crimes

Our 2024 Initiatives

3 International Conferences

These conferences will be held in Canada, UK Parliament, and Iraq along with 3 Hate speech panels planned to take place in these 3 countries.


10 Webinars and Worskshops

These webinars will feature globally renowned human rights activists and academics. The 10 workshops will be held on Turkey, Yazidis, Hazaras, and Tigrayans in Canada.

16 International Cases

The cases will focus on victims of Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, living in Canada.



6 International Human Rights Reports

The reports will cover United Nations Human Rights Council Sessions, Academic Publications and Research Centers, Digital Platforms and Social Media, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to relentlessly pursue justice for victims of atrocity crimes and hold perpetrators accountable by advancing legal processes through all available legal instruments.

We are committed to fighting impunity for these crimes and ensuring the protection of human rights and freedoms for all victims and targeted communities from several countries.

Our Vision

The vision of Northern Justice Watch is to create a world where victims of atrocity crimes receive the justice they deserve, and perpetrators are held accountable, regardless of their positions of power.


We envision a global community that actively defends human rights and freedoms, fosters solidarity with targeted communities, and collaborates to dismantle the structures that enable impunity for grave crimes.

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Latest Events

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March for Refugee Rights
Amnesty International Canada is hosting a march in Montreal and Toronto, bringing attention to the obstacles refugees face, entering Canada, on June 17- June 19 2023. Our President, Executive Director and Program Development Director will walk for refugee rights in Toronto.
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Combatting Hate Speech
This in-person gathering aims to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss and find solutions to the growing problem of hate speech in our society. Through engaging talks, and thought-provoking panel discussions, we will delve into the impact of hate speech and explore strategies to counter it.
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International Conference on Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
We are proud to present the "International Conference on Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity," a crucial gathering of minds dedicated to addressing the most grave violations of human rights globally


Would You Consider Volunteering With Us?

If you are interested in playing a role defending human rights and decide to stand on solidarity with all the victims of crimes worldwide, feel free to send us an email at info@northernjusticewatch.org or simply click the button to the right and fill out our Volunteering form.

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