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NJW Joins “March for Refugee Rights” in Toronto

On June 19, Northern Justice Watch (NJW) members joined around 100 other protesters in Toronto to participate in the “March for Refugee Rights.” Starting at Minister Marco Mendicino’s office and culminating at Ireland Park at the Waterfront, the march was part of a broader global initiative advocating for the rights of refugees.

The event was organized by Amnesty International Canada in collaboration with other refugee advocacy groups, including the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers and the FCJ Refugee Centre. In a significant display of unity, key figures from NJW, including Executive Director Serif Aydin, President Yasemin Mamoğlu, Program Development Director Murat Simsek, and several other members, marched alongside other advocates for refugee rights.

“We were proud to march shoulder to shoulder with individuals and organizations committed to protecting and promoting the rights of refugees,” said Simsek. “Our participation underlines NJW’s firm stance on the global refugee crisis and our commitment to seeking justice for refugees.”

The University of Toronto Scarborough student chapter of Amnesty International also joined forces with NJW during the march. Their involvement highlights the increasing engagement of young people in advocacy and their commitment to making a difference.

At the march’s conclusion, Simsek addressed the crowd, emphasizing the importance of solidarity in advocating for refugee rights, and the crucial role that organizations and individuals play in shaping a more inclusive society.

The “March for Refugee Rights” served as a strong statement that the rights of refugees must be upheld, respected, and protected. The event served as a powerful reminder of the human rights issues at the heart of the global refugee crisis and our collective responsibility to address them.

Through its participation in the march and other activities, Northern Justice Watch continues to embody its commitment to justice, advocacy, and solidarity, working tirelessly to promote and protect the rights of refugees.