NJW (Northern Justice Watch) is a newly established international non-political and non-profit movement, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, that seeks to further strengthen advocacy efforts and to multidimensionally combat crimes against humanity and fight for justice. 

By using domestic, regional, and international mechanisms, NJW is committed to

     ● Fighting crimes against humanity and seeking justice for victims of atrocity
     ● Using universal jurisdiction and other tools to hold perpetrators accountable before domestic and international judicial authorities
     ● Effectively supporting victims of atrocity crimes by triggering the instruments of international law, expanding global diplomacy, and defending victims’ civil liberties. 

Through this movement, Northern Justice Watch further aims to bring together all the people from different societies in Canada who are victims of crimes against humanity and create a strong network among them while supporting them.

About us

  • Who We Are

    Northern Justice Watch is a Canada-based collective established in 2023, united in our commitment to fight against crimes against humanity. Our team, an international tapestry of human rights activists, legal practitioners, educators, journalists...

  • Our Mission

    Our mission at Northern Justice Watch is to deliver justice for victims of atrocity crimes, to challenge the impunity often associated with these crimes, and to uphold the human rights and freedoms of all victims across multiple countries...

  • Meet Our Team

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