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Northern Justice Watch (NJW) is proud to announce the International Conference on Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, focusing on the Yazidi Genocide. This event is part of a comprehensive 12-month action plan aimed at addressing and combating the genocide of the Yazidis. Supported by 14 partner organizations and sponsored by two universities, this conference will be held at the University of Salahaddin in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, on September 16, 2024.

The Yazidi genocide, perpetrated by ISIS, resulted in unimaginable suffering for the Yazidi community. Thousands were killed, women and children were enslaved, and many remain missing. This conference aims to highlight the atrocities committed against the Yazidis, raise global awareness, and mobilize efforts to support survivors and ensure justice for the victims.


Raising Awareness:
– Educate the international community about the atrocities committed against the Yazidis to foster a deeper understanding and empathy for the victims.
– Ensure that such horrors are never repeated by keeping the memory of these atrocities alive in the global consciousness.

Discussion on Missing Persons:
– Provide a platform for discussions on the many Yazidis who remain unaccounted for, aiming to mobilize efforts to locate and reunite families.

Victim Support:
– Explore effective strategies for supporting the victims, including psychological aid, community rehabilitation, and legal assistance.
– Focus on the well-being of survivors, identifying ways to bolster their resilience and recovery.

International Action:
– Galvanize international action through compelling presentations and discussions.
– Advocate for a coordinated global response to address the aftermath of the genocide, including justice for the perpetrators and ongoing support for the Yazidi community.

Collaboration and Partnership:
– Foster partnerships and collaborations by bringing together diverse stakeholders to lead meaningful change.

Key Highlights:

Survivor Testimonies:
– Engage with powerful survivor accounts, highlighting the personal impact of the genocide and the ongoing struggle for justice and reparations.

Expert Panels and Discussions:
– Hear from leading human rights activists, legal experts, and policymakers.
– Participate in discussions aimed at fostering international cooperation, sharing best practices, and innovating strategies for prevention and justice.

Workshops and Breakout Sessions:
– Attend workshops focusing on specific aspects of the genocide and its aftermath, such as legal avenues for justice, psychological support for survivors, and strategies for community rehabilitation.

Policy Recommendations:
– Contribute to shaping actionable policy recommendations to guide global efforts in protecting human rights and preventing future atrocities.

Expected Outcomes:
– Increased Awareness: Enhanced understanding of the Yazidi genocide among international stakeholders.
– Policy Development: Formulation of concrete policy recommendations to address genocide and crimes against humanity.
– Support Networks: Strengthened support networks for Yazidi survivors, facilitating their recovery and reintegration.
– Global Action: Mobilization of international efforts to pursue justice for the Yazidi community and prevent future genocides.

Target Audience:
This conference is crucial for human rights advocates, legal experts, policymakers, scholars, and anyone committed to combating genocide and crimes against humanity. We invite organizations and individuals passionate about human rights to join us in this crucial endeavor, contributing to a global movement dedicated to dignity and justice for all.

The Erbil conference is an integral part of NJW’s broader effort to combat crimes against humanity. By focusing on the Yazidi genocide, we seek not only to honor the memory of those lost but also to lay the groundwork for healing, justice, and prevention of future atrocities. Join us in this mission to ensure that the lessons of the past inform a more just and humane future.


September 16
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