Frequently Asked Questions

What is NJW?

NJW is an abbreviation we use for Northern Justice Watch, a Canada-based collective established in 2023, united in our commitment to fight against crimes against humanity.

What is your organisation’s mission?

Our mission at Northern Justice Watch is to deliver justice for victims of atrocity crimes, to challenge the impunity often associated with these crimes, and to uphold the human rights and freedoms of all victims across multiple countries. You can read more on the About Us page.

What type of cases do you work on?

We accept cases from victims who have suffered from atrocity crimes and crimes against humanity, regardless of their nationality or the location where the crime was committed, as long as the victim or the victim’s family is in Canada. Currently, we are working on the cases of victims from Turkey, Ukraine, China, Syria, and Afghanistan.

How is Northern Justice Watch funded?

We have numerous supporters and donors. Their generosity allows us to maintain our independence and stay focused on our aim to combat atrocity crimes and human rights violations through events and raising awareness.

How can I partner with your organisation?

Our Strategic Partnership Team is currently working on reaching out to potential partner organisations to discover what can be done together against human rights violations. You can contact their Director, Nurefsan Kurdoglu, to talk about the process.

How can I volunteer at Northern Justice Watch?

Volunteers for NJW put in their effort, with a flexible schedule for them, to help raise awareness, host events, and get in touch with sponsor partners wherever required. We would be delighted to have you on board and discover your strengths. Visit our Volunteer Application page to submit your request, or send us an email at

We provide legal and holistic support to victims of atrocity crimes and crimes against humanity. Upon receiving your application, our Justice and Accountability Team will contact you to discuss your case, evaluate any evidence you may have, and make a final decision regarding its acceptance. If we determine that there is a reasonable likelihood of assisting you with a legal proceeding, our lawyers will reach out to you, collaborate on gathering evidence, and file a lawsuit on your behalf in the respective countries.  As a non-profit organisation, we generally fully compensate the costs of legal proceedings, including lawyer fees, preparation, and filing the lawsuit. However, depending on your financial situation, we may request that you contribute a portion of the expenses.

How can I report a human rights violation to Northern Justice Watch?

You can email us at, or contact our Justice & Accountability team director, Hilal Celegen to report any human rights violations of which you have knowledge.